Built on our experience in the business, we understand all your worries about putting your vehicle on the road. This is why MotorGuard is your ultimate game changer, specifically tailored to ensure that your vehicle is covered from possible risk elements.

Here’s Why MotorGuard should be your choice

  • No Claim Bonus

    • Highest No Claim Bonus (NCB) within the shortest period. 75% NCB within 6 years.*

    • In the event you go for a second vehicle, we offer the same percentage of No Claim Bonus upfront as you received for your first vehicle.

  • 24/7 Helpline

    • Our helpline is active 24/7 to serve all your needs wherever you are

  • Immediate On-site inspection

    • Our agents will reach you in minutes to ensure your dilemmas are taken care of wherever you are. Just give us a call on our hotline!

Additional Benefits

  • A cash grant of LKR 250,000/-

    • Cash Grant of LKR 250,000/- will be paid towards children’s education in case of an accidental death

  • Lease payments

    • We will cover your lease payments for two months if your vehicle exceeds 30 days in repair time.

For more details, call HNB General Insurance on 011 4 883 883 or visit your nearest HNB General Insurance Branch

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*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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