MotorGuard Xtra

Taking MotorGuard a step ahead, MotorGuard Xtra offers Depreciation Protection Cover, Free Life Cover and more add-ons. In addition to the standard MotorGuard offerings, MotorGuard Xtra is tailor-made for you with a plethora of additional perks. Here’s why it will be your best move yet in protecting yourself and your loved ones as you take the wheel.

  • Depreciation Protection Cover

    • In case of an accident, depreciation might pinch your pocket depending on the age of the vehicle damaged. This special cover benefits you by granting 100% reimbursement on replaced parts including the rubber items*

  • Free Life Cover from HNB Assurance PLC

    • LKR 500,000/- will be paid to the beloveds in the event of the policyholder’s death, in the unfortunate event an accident causes a policy holder’s demise LKR 1,000,000 will be paid.

  • Hospital Cash Benefit

    • MotorGuard Xtra covers the policyholder's hospitalization expenditure for up to 25 days* in the event of an accident.*

  • Emergency Expenses for you or for your driver in the event of an accident

    • If you’ve got an unmovable vehicle as a result of an accident,* we ensure that you get emergency expenses to cover your needs

  • Lost Key cover

    • Receive up to LKR 20,000/- * for the lost or stolen intelligent car key

  • Discount on “MyHome”

    • MotorGuard Xtra customers are eligible to enjoy a smart discount on “MyHome” policies and obtain an ideal protection for their homes.

  • Reinstating No claim bonus

    • If the policyholder faces no more than one accident for the year, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be reinstated.

  • Bonus Match

    • in the event you go for a second vehicle, we offer the same percentage of no claim bonus upfront as you received for your first vehicle.*

Additional Benefits

  • A cash grant of LKR 500,000/-

    • Cash grant for Children’s Education up to LKR 500,000 in the event of an accidental death of the insured, if the spouse is unemployed.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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