At HNB General Takaful, we understand your priorities in caring for your vehicle and also for your personal well-being, that is exactly why As-Salam Motor was specifically designed and delivered for the motor takaful portfolio. A step ahead in keeping you covered, As-Salam Motor looks through the full spectrum of your needs from depreciation of your vehicle due to any unfortunate events to even covering the loss of your key.

Check out the unbeatable great benefits of As-Salam Motor below:

  • Depreciation Protection Cover

    • The value of your vehicle could depreciate with any unfortunate accident happening and repairs can be heavy on the wallet. As-Salam motor is dedicated to supporting you in these situations and can even grant 100% reimbursement on replaced parts including rubber items.*

  • Emergency Expenses for You / Your Driver in the Event of an Accident

    • Heading in to assist at your most needed time, As-Salam Motor offers you a cash grant if you are unable to move your vehicle in the event of an accident.*

  • Covering loss of key

    • We have all been there and we understand how frustrating it can be to lose an intelligent car key, that is why we grant up to LKR. 20,000/- for your lost or stolen intelligent car key.*

  • Hospital Cash Benefit

    • In the event you have to be hospitalized post injury due to an accident, we offer a cash benefit to cover up to 25 days of hospitalization.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Reinstate

    • If you have not faced more than one accident in a year, the As-Salam Motor Cover will reinstate the No-Claim Bonus free.

  • Discount on “MyHome Takaful”

    •  As-Salam Motor customers are eligible to enjoy a smart discount on “MyHome Takaful” policies and obtain an ideal protection for their homes.

  • Bonus Match

    • Earned No Claim Bonus will be matched to your second vehicle as well. *

  • On-site inspections

    • Inspection of the damage at the location of the accident can also be added to your cover.

Additional Benefits

  • Named Driver Discount

    • Name your driver and you can enjoy a special discount from us.

  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

    • You can protect your earned No Claim Bonus of three (3) years for up to 3 accidents during the year.*

  • Excess Select

    • Based on the excess you wish to take up at the time of an accident, you can take control of the contribution through attractive discounts.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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