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Taking MotorGuard a step ahead, MotorGuard Xtra offers Depreciation Protection Cover, Free Life Cover and more add-ons. In addition to the standard MotorGuard offerings, MotorGuard Xtra is tailor-made for you with a plethora of additional perks. Here’s why it will be your best move yet in protecting yourself and your loved ones as you take the wheel.

Depreciation Protection Cover

In case of an accident, depreciation might pinch your pocket depending on the age of the vehicle damaged. This special cover benefits you by granting 100% reimbursement on replaced parts including rubber terms (First 07 years including Wear and Tear and Next 03 years Body parts Only).

Free Life Cover from HNB Assurance PLC

Rs. 500,000/- will be paid to the beloveds in the event of the policyholder’s death due to natural cause, in the unfortunate event an accident causes a policy holder’s demise Rs. 2,000,000 will be paid.

Lost Key Cover (Intelligent Car Key)

Receive up to Rs. 50, 000/- for your lost or stolen intelligent car key.

Emergency Expense Cover

A cash grant of Rs. 5,000/- will be paid if the vehicle is unmovable following an accident (subject to 02 events per year).

Free towing charges up to Rs. 25,000/-

Cash Grant of Rs. 500,000/-

In the unfortunate event an accident causes a Policyholder’s demise, a Cash Grant of Rs. 500,000/- will be paid for  children’s education if the spouse is unemployed.

Hospital Cash Benefit (Per Day Limit Rs. 2,000)

We pay a Hospital Cash Benefit in the event you are hospitalized following an accident up to 25 days*

Reinstating No Claim Bonus

If the policyholder faces no more than one accident for the year, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) will be reinstated.

No Claim Bonus Match

In the event you go for a second vehicle, we offer the same percentage of no claim bonus upfront as you received for your first vehicle.

Free Windscreen Cover

Free Air Bag Cover

Taxi Allowances

We understand the expenses that seem to pile up when your vehicle is out of commission following an accident. Which is why you’ll receive a Taxi Allowances of Rs. 2,500/- per day up to maximum of 10 days excluding the 1st 4 days.   

Call & Go Facility

Facility subject to inspection of vehicle within 2 hours.

Name driver

Learner driver Cover

A free Learner driver Cover will be allowed for immediate family members of the Insured

Refer to the policy document for benefits, exclusions, terms & conditions*