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Pay As You Claim from HNB General Insurance is a revolutionary insurance solution which gives you the choice of paying 40%, 50% or 60% of your premium, to comprehensively cover your vehicle for the entire year.

Check out the key features of Pay As You Claim (Click for explainer video).

What happens in the event of an accident?

In the event of an accident, your claim will be paid, once you settle the remainder of your premium (Claim Entitlement Endorsement Premium)

How can I obtain a Pay As You Claim Policy?

Visit your nearest HNB General Insurance Branch and obtain a Pay As You Claim quotation

Fill the proposal form and select the initial preferred payment option from 40%, 50% or 60% of your premium

Submit the following documents along with the completed proposal form CR or Invoice and the Inspection Report (which will be carried out by one of our Branches)

Upon paying the initial amount, you could obtain your Pay As You Claim Comprehensive Cover for your vehicle

How can I claim?

To claim, immediately report the accident to HNB General Insurance through the 24-hour helpline 011 4 883 883

If this is the first accident for the year that you wish to claim, you need to inform HNB General Insurance of this within 14 days from your accident intimation date

A Claim Entitlement Endorsement for the balance of your premium payable will be issued to you

To obtain your claim, you need to settle this balance payment within 14 days of the Claim Entitlement Endorsement being issued to you

Once the balance premium is settled, the claim will be processed and paid to you

For more details, call HNB General Insurance on 011 4 883 883 or visit your nearest HNB General Insurance Branch

Refer to the policy document for benefits, exclusions, terms & conditions*